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Has drinking ever actually solved anyones problem? No it’s just a temporary escape, but it tends to bring more problems then actually help with anything. If alcoholics were to ever finally realize how much their problem not only affects their health but also their relationships with their friends and loved ones then maybe they would actually go seek help for their illness. Loving an alcoholic is really tough. You try to show them how much you and others care for them, but their selfish addiction speaks to them more and controls their life. It’s an on going battle. You learn in Alcoholic Anonymous that “one drink is too many and a thousand is never enough” that’s the mentality that alcoholics have, whether they know it or not. Being sober is a commitment. If you know you have a problem you can’t just have one beer, it never works out that way. You’re going to end up having more and more and you still won’t ever be satisfied. 

It’s just really lame when you end up dragging people down and causing hurt on them when they’re the ones trying to support you and bring you up, and make you a better version of yourself.